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Sven, the eco-conception commitment tool for SaaS products

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Sven is two things.
Sven Monitor
A solution to monitor the carbon footprint of a digital product.
Sven Label
An eco-conception certification given by expert and the monitor eco-score.
Hugo Chapelain - Product Designer
Loana Gentric - Product Designer
Alphonse Bouy - Developer Full Stack
Maxime Bergerard - Developer Full Stack
Hugo Drillaud - Product Owner
Lucie Zaccardi - Business Manager
Marin d'Assignies - Business Manager
Sven SaaS on a desktopSven interface and website design presented on a grid
What is
eco-conception for digital products?
A rather foggy concept attracting more and more attention to the product community. Principe Green defines it as "an emerging discipline at the intersection of climate science, software practices and architecture, electricity markets, hardware and data center design."
First, eco-conception was considered a "nice to have".

Today's European legislation tend to democratize the control of digital activities impact, therefore making it a requirement just like GDPR. Indeed our digital activities represents a non-negligible part (4%) of greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than the impact of civil aviation (3.5%).
By 2025, it is estimated that the share of digital emissions will more than double (~8%).

You may know the “Fight against obsolescence” from 17 August 2015, or the recent REEN law “Reduction of the Digital Environmental Footprint” from 15th November 2021.
In Europe, other laws apply: the “Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive” and the “Europe Fit for the Digital Age & European Green Deal”.

We have every reason to believe that more precise and restrictive laws will appear soon.
European Green Deal article and Digital CO2 emissions graph from 2013 to 2030
Eco-conception for digital products
The discipline needed to understand, define, build, and run sustainable software applications.
Scale-ups want quantifiable carbon equivalence
First thing we realized is how bad we are at tracking the emissions of our product ressources. Few reliable solutions exists to estimate carbon equivalence of websites ; one of them being the Green-IT-Analysis extension.
For almost two months we studied the market, all the ecosystem of scale-ups, their tools, and workflows.

One of the most sticking interviews we made was with the CSR Manager and Chief Information Officer of Société Générale, who stated that measuring emitted carbon is a complex challenge.
"All resources are a source of emission. The heart of the problem comes from a bad mobilization of those resources."
CSR Manager and Chief Information Officer of Société Générale
Society today is still very immature on these topics. We're bad at measuring the carbon footprint of our actions, purchases, and behaviors.
CSR Engineer @ Withings
Long Term Goal
Become the reference management tool for all environmentally responsible product team.
Four images presenting Sven team during their researches and Discovery Design Sprint
Discovery Design Sprint
Notion screens presenting a guide for interviews and Google Meet screens with an expert and a potential user
Generative & Evaluative Research
One week to crack the best way to incorporate eco-conception into everyday tasks
We were well aware of the governance challenge that represented the integration of a new tool among product teams. Therefore, this is the segment of the user journey that was prototyped and tested.
The famous design sprint was the perfect exercise to test our idea, gather users’ feedback, and validate or not our hypotheses.
Can we give an overview of the ecological impact of a feature?
Can it be integrated seamlessly into the team's workflow?
Can we influence the validation decision of a feature based on its ecological impact?
Sven Prototype 0.1
Figma file for Sven first prototypeFigma file for Sven first prototype
Sven Prototype on a Desktop
Tests Restitution from Sven User Research and users verbatims
“If you succeed in developing this, I’m your first beta tester.”
Can we give an overview of the ecological impact of a feature?
Yes. We can give a score, a carbon equivalent, and recommendations for every feature. The carbon equivalent is not a hundred percent reliable, but it explains the range of the product's impact and gives understandable numbers to compare one with another.
Can it be integrated seamlessly into the team's workflow?
It has to be. Product teams are used to tools that connect to their software almost instantly. Therefore, the Figma plugin is a no-go, too long to set up, and has too many unknowns concerning the final product. Even if our research pointed out the importance of introducing eco-conception at the decision-making and design stages, we quickly learned that this is not a good approach.
Can we influence the validation decision of a feature based on its ecological impact?
No. Companies executives often do not consider it a top priority. This behavior is understandable since eco-conception does not yet appear as a consequent benefit to the business. Nevertheless, an increasing number of scale-ups acknowledge the necessity of sustainable digital usage. Thankfully, institutions and big companies have already begun to mention some mandatory eco-conception criteria in their contracts, encouraging everyone to learn about the subject. Therefore, our mission at Sven is to accelerate the adoption of eco-conception before implementing it into product teams' workflow becomes too painful.
We learned from our first user testers that the concept was quite appealing and innovative. However, they argued that the prototype was still too binding and its functioning did not provide them with all the arguments to convince their direction to buy a new tool like Sven.

Scale-ups want quantifiable carbon equivalence

Scale-ups need to identify which features of their product they need to optimize first.
Sven monitor 0.1Sven monitor UI on a Desktop
Functionality & Notoriety
Proving eco-conception benefits requires more than an internal tool. That's how we came up with the creation of a label in addition to our SaaS product.
Sven Label Certifications
Sven BadgeSven Badge
Sven BadgeSven Badge
Creating the identity of Sven
Sven Manifesto
"Hard-working and fractious, Sven does not lose itself in speculations and goes straight to the point.
As an early activist, Sven's goal is to radically raise awareness, propelling people towards more responsible use of digital and get people to think for themselves. Aware of the unique problems of each ecosystem, Sven's continuously search for ingenious solutions to initiate this transition in as many organizations as possible."
Sven branding was going to become a serious subject at one point. With our very versatile team, we wanted everyone to take part in the creation of our brand.
At the time, we didn't even have a name for our project. We used to call it "Trustcarbon" for the prototype but we knew it won't do.
Alongside one of the other designers of the team: Hugo Chapelain, we created a workshop to gather everyone's vision and expectations.
The key intakes after this workshop were the values we wanted to convey, the tone of voice we would use, and the personality we would give to our brand.

Eco-conception equals frugality

Sven shows engagement and pragmatism through a impactant branding
Sven Logo constructionSven Branding Showcase